Subtle Peace Sign

Subtle Peace Sign

Black gloves over a black jacket make for a subtle peace sign, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Daytona Orange BMW R90S

Daytona Orange BMW R90S

“The R90S won the Daytona in 1976. They came out with this Daytona Sunrise color. They’re hand done, so no two are exactly alike.” “So, […]

The Master

The Master

Look at the helmet art and the focus in the rider’s eyes. I’d like to think the helmet is playing a role.

Bay Bridge West Visor Reflection

Bay Bridge East Visor Reflection

I managed to take two good photos of one motorcyclist heading east on the Bay Bridge before a California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycle officer told me to […]

Rule Number 6

What is Rule Number 6?

I took this photo and wondered what “Rule No. 6” was. I found the bike owner’s website,, with an explanation: A lot of people […]

Relaxing on a Harley

I Was Relaxing for a Couple Weeks

I was relaxing for a couple weeks like this rider. Daily photo posts will start up again tomorrow. Unposted photo of a previously featured rider.

"High on Fire" Helmet Sticker

“High on Fire” Helmet Sticker

It’s a reference to Richard Pryor setting himself on fire after freebasing cocaine and drinking 151 rum, then running down the street on fire.

Honda VFR and Parking Enforcement Officer

The Moment of Truth

A San Francisco Parking Enforcement Officer checking if a Honda VFR has the proper neighborhood parking permit.

Yamaha TT500

Yamaha TT500 Rider

“My buddy and I have always owned the same bikes. These things and Harleys. He bought a nice car and this was just sitting in […]